Getting properties from Word documents

I am trying to access the property of “Total Editing Time”

It is referenced here:
and in the 2004 edition of word (the AppleScript reference is on the left on this page)

I am a Java/C# programmer - and I really can not get my head around the syntax in AppleScript.

failing that can anyone tell me how to access these document properties, and can anyone point me in the direction of and appropriate unScripted tutorials?

My motivation for this is I have a large batch of files I need to plough through and find out the editing times, creation dates and so on. I figured AppleScript was as good a place as any to start. It would be really helpful if anyone could either point me in the right direction or put me out of my misery.

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this should do it

tell application "Microsoft Word"
	tell document 1 to get value of document property "total editing time"
end tell