Getting/Setting sound volume

I have an application (a parking meter timer) that bongs annoyingly to remind me to feed my parking meter. My problem is that each time it bongs I’ve set it up to set the sound toa specific level (7). This is irritating, because it then leaves the sound at level 7, I’d like it to return the volume back to its prior level so I can continue to listen to music et al at a decent level (or more important, so that I don’t get waken up every hour by my computer telling me the time at the top of its voice).

Any idea how to find out what the system volume is? According to the Stidio reference “volume” is read write, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Also, according to the documentation volume is set from 0 (silent) to 7 (full volume), yet at 7 I’m only just over half volume. ANy idea what’s up with this?



Why not have it bong twice and set the setting lower on the second bong.

I want it to return to the previous volume, and need to be able to find out what that is. My objective is to minimize any impact on my listening pleasure with iTunes.