Getting Started with Applescript

Any help would be most appreciated…

I am just trying to write a Finder script that - on opening a folder - will position its window, set its bounds and set whether icons/list/columns, depending on the number of items therein.

As a veteran and practiced Hypertalk programmer, I am really struggling with Applescript. I find Apple’s help is more-or-less incomprehensible !!! Is there any good resource with lots of simple examples to build on?

best regards


HI Kevin,

Well, if it’s wanting to figure out Applescript, you’ve come to the right place. :wink:

A good resource for ready made, open source scripts from which you can learn from can be found @ ScriptBuilders -on this site.

From there, you can find a ton of stuff that deal specifically with positioning windows, etc.

Also, a good starter resource is Apple’s Language Guide (found everywhere on macscripter.)

Hope this helps you, and enjoy! :smiley:

100,000 thanks.
I found an example to help.

I also browsed Apple’s Language Guide. It has not improved one iota from the paperback version I bought in 1994. Still impervious and indigestable…