getting text entry to appear like bullets

I got a feeling I already know the answer but is there a way, with an OSAX or something, that I can have text entry appear as bullets instead of whatever character is typed in?


The Czech-based company 24u makes a scripting addition called Appearance that provides password fields in dialog boxes:
It’s not free, however.

The Smile script editor also allows dialogs with password fields, with just one strange limitation: the Smile application has to be open and running.

Under OS X, there aren’t many solutions outside of the “big” interface environments like AppleScript Studio and FaceSpan. A number of Unix-ish solutions have been offered, for instance, Pashua:

I like the askPassword command from the system.osax by Hideaki Iimori:


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Awesome, I was wondering this too!

I have another newbie question though: how do you “include” (for lack of knowledge of a better term) handlers from other files such as askPassword?

In the case of Scripting Additions (OSAXen), if they’re in the ScriptingAdditions folder (/System/Library/ScriptingAdditions) they’re automatically available to your script.

hmmm… askPassword shows up as an identifier…

Actually, they should go into either:

Apple reserves things inside /System/ for itself.

ah! I’ve got it now, thanks!