Getting text from a range in Excel

Good day all,

First let me apologize for previouly posting this issue in the wrong forum. I didn’t realize were I was.

I just updated to Excel v11 from Excel v10 and noticed a problem with trying to get text from a named range.

Here is the simple statement…

tell application “Microsoft Excel”
set oldDate to text of range “thisFriDate”— where the data in range thisFriDate is “12/02/05”
end tell

In Excel v10 this script would return “12/02/05” as expected. If you run this script in Excel v11 it returns “”. If you change the command statement to…

tell application “Microsoft Excel”
set oldDate to VALUE of range “thisFriDate”
end tell

…It returns “date “Friday, December 2, 2005 12:00:00 AM””. I need to be able to return the date as it appears in the cell, which is formatted “mm/dd/yy” so that I can apply calculations to it. I can not use absolute references for various reasons.

Has anyone come across this issue? Solutions?

Thank you in advance,

Try something like this, Tom:

tell application "Microsoft Excel"
	set oldDate to string value of range "thisFriDate"
end tell