Getting the text box contents into a string (QuarkXPress 6.0)


I am new to applescript and I am having a hard time of getting the contents of a text box to be stored into a variable from QuarkXPress 6.0. I am not sure how to reference the text inside of the text box. I can reference the text box with no problem but I need help getting the text.

Does anyone know how to do this???

Model: g5
AppleScript: n/a
Browser: Safari 312
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.4)

never mind! After a lot of tinkering with the dumb program I found I could reference it by the following code

set mystring to text of story 1 of text box 1 of story 1 of text box 1

– Pretty ugly code, but quark is a pretty ugly program so what do you expect