Getting three tabs in MainMenu.nib

I have an AppleScript app in XCode and I want a box with three of the tabs like in the Sounds Preferences panel. I know how to get two simple with dragging the item from Interface Builder into a window, but how can i add another tab?


In Interface Builder: NSTabView Inspector (⇧⌘I) > Attributes > Number of Items

Thanks, I can’t believe I missed that.

Now how would I access the value from a text field in a tab in a window?

For example:

set x to text field “Field” of window “Example2”

used to work, but then I changed it to:

set x to text field “Field” of tab “Tab” of window “Example2”

because without taking the tab into consideration, I got an error, but now when I but the part shown in *'s it doesn’t work.

What should I change it to?

the reference should be like this

set x to text field "Field" of tab view item 1 of tab view "myTabView" of window "main"

No offense, but I recommend to read the Xcode documentation (which is really helpful) and/or study the sample projects in /Developer/Examples/AppleScript Studio/