Getting UTF-16 characters in string from Suitcase Fusion?

I have this as part of a larger script that creates and Excel spreadsheet of key metadata on all of our fonts. It collects metadata from Suitcase into a variable, then saves that data to a TXT file, then that file is opened into an Excel and the presentation is cleaned-up, then THAT file is further saved as the final document.

It broke a week ago, and as part of the troubleshooting I also discovered it’s not handling font names like 儷黑 Pro (LiHeiPro) properly. I can’t tell if it’s my script, or if Suitcase is returning improper data. Suitcase’s dictionary says the “name” attribute is of type “international text”, which doesn’t help me much.

tell application "Suitcase Fusion"
	set data_extract to ""
	script font_property
		property all_fonts : {}
	end script
	set font_property's all_fonts to (get every Font)
	--loop through list and load variable
	repeat with current_font in font_property's all_fonts
		tell contents of current_font
			set font_type to font type
			set data_extract to data_extract & (name & tab & family & tab & foundry & tab & font_type & tab & "'" & version & return)
		end tell
	end repeat
end tell

I never did figure out why Suitcase won’t spit-out asian characters from it’s metadata and decided to deal with it in another way. My finished solution is at this link on MacScripter.