Getting Word 2004 to trigger an AppleScript

Does anyone know how to use Microsoft Word 2004 to trigger an AppleScript that is in the Scripts folder of my hard drive?

Visual Basic help says to use the MacScript function. Here’s what it says,

I want to run an AppleScript in my Scripts folder. I’ve tried variations of the following, but just keep getting visual basic errors.

MacScript (“Macintosh HD:Users:myhome:Library:Scripts:MyBeep”)

MyBeep is the name of the AppleScript file (script) that I want to run.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.



AppleScripts have usually a .scpt extension, even you don’t see it in the Finder

Thank you Stefan. Changing MyBeep to MyBeep.scpt solved the problem.

I am so pleased to have that solved. You’ve made my day.