Ghost application

Hi, I am trying to script a third party application. This application works as an output display for another application. To avoid confusion I will be calling the application, I am trying to script, “The Display.” “The Display” does not have an AppleScript library, so I assume that is is not scriptable or recordable (I tried to record a script and failed). Then I used the “UI Brwoser” to script the application via UI scripting. The strange thing is that “The Display” is listed among the running applications but when I select it from the popup menu, nothing shows up. I also used the UI Inspector application - and it failed to see any controls or menus of the “Display” How can it be possible and what to do to script that “Display” application?

It would help if we knew what “the display” is. What framework is it? Carbon, Cocoa?

I am not sure but it looks like Java

From the sound of things, Munchausen, you seem to have explored some of the more likely options - and scripting this mystery app seems unlikely. But why the mystery? :confused:

Java? It’s probably swt or swing or something.

I’m afraid you might be out of luck with the UI scripting.

The way UI scripting works is not that it knows what a button looks like and can find it on the screen, it’s that the application’s interface is written by calling classes that are built into the Apple frameworks, and that’s what gets you the ability to control it procedurally.

You might try Keyboard Maestro or QuickKeys. Or maybe you can get the developer to add some hooks for you?