Giveaway Aimed At AppleScripters / Advanced Mac Users

Hello MacScripters!

Not sure if any of you are aware of my site, but I’m Justin Lancy ” the publisher of, which has it’s own AppleScript Code Library.

I’m currently doing a Giveaway which is aimed at finding out what is important to “Power Users” on the Mac, and I thought I should share it here because, well, that’s you! :wink:

Prizes include a ScanSnap scanner, Software (PDFpen Pro, TextExpander, Alfred Powerpack, Marked), iTunes Gift Certificates, AppleScript Books, and more.

Through October 15th, you can get 25 entries for completing a very short survey and, giving an unfair advantage to everyone here, you can also get 10 entries for each AppleScript, Automator Workflow, Alfred Extension, TextExpander snippet, and the like that you submit to the Code Library (Limit One Per Day).

Anyhow, I thought this would be a fun way to find out more about what it is that actually interests you. Hope you enjoy the Giveaway (and the scripts on my site)!

Warmest Wishes,
Justin Lancy
@Veritrope ” Twitter / App.Net