given, create a folder called

Who’d have thought something from apple would have such a steep learning curve? :slight_smile:
I want to drag onto a droplet and have the droplet create a folder called “”
also, is there a good basic AS reference online?


Yes you can directly download from

See this thread (which could have been easily found by searching for “quicktime export”):


Thanks Jon, looks like the info I need is there (even though I’m not doing a “quicktime export”).


on open theFile
	set DestinationFolder to (choose folder with prompt "Choose Destination Folder")
	tell application "Finder"
		set Filename to (name of (info for theFile))
		set FoldersName to (Filename & ".frames") as string
		make new folder at DestinationFolder with properties {name:FoldersName}
	end tell
end open

You can substitute a path in the form


for the choose folder portion of the code if you want the folder created in the same place everytime.

Ah, thank you!
I was trying (name of theFile) instead of (name of (info for theFile))

Thanks guys,