Going back in time.....just out of interest.


I say just out of interest cause i’m gonna do it a different way now! but i was stuck, and this type of manipulation
gets lost with me.
I want to get the previous year -->“2006” so i could use it in my script, however decided against it but would still like to see how it would be done.

this works for the previous day:

(current date) - days * 1

and this for last week:

(current date) - weeks * 1

if i use this:

(current date) - weeks * 10

then i can get back to december 2006, but i don’t want to have to make huge calculations counting weeks to get back to the previous year.

i’m sure one of you guys out there has a one liner hidden away for just this occasion.

any help appreciated!!


set tYear to ((current date)'s year) - 1


What can i say i hate you :stuck_out_tongue: and i love you all at the same time!!! :smiley:

You make it look so easy, i’ve spent hours playing around with that with no joy.

Thank you!!

Really appreciate it.