Grabbing a picture from the internet

Hey Everyone! I am looking for assistance on making a script that can go out to a website and grab a certain picture off of it and save it on my desktop. Is that possible? Here is the situation: I have a favorite web comic and I would like to be able to just run a script to go get the comic and save it so I can have an archive of the comic. Thanks for any help coming my way!

Here’s a modified version of what I use…

on run
	(* The url to get the image from *)
	set theImageUrl to ""
	(* The name to save the image as *)
	set ODel to AppleScript's text item delimiters
	set AppleScript's text item delimiters to "/"
	set theImageName to (text item -1 of (theImageUrl as string) as list) as string
	set AppleScript's text item delimiters to ODel
	(* Where to save the image *)
	set desktopPath to (path to desktop) as string
	set targetPath to (POSIX path of ((desktopPath & theImageName) as string))
	set targetPath to ("'" & targetPath & "'") as string --> In case a space gets in there
	(* Get the image using curl *)
		set theCurlCommand to ("curl -o " & targetPath & " " & theImageUrl)
		do shell script theCurlCommand
		set DLStatus to "File downloaded successfully!"
	on error
		set DLStatus to "File could not be downloaded!"
	end try
	(* Display the status *)
	display dialog DLStatus
end run


Hi Jobu

I wrote an application doing this. It’s called Picture Sucker and you may download a demo from my web-site (link below).

But, much more interesting, I made the source of an earlier release public here at

Simply search for “SING” in the Script Builders section and you may find the readable source. (It’s a GNU license, please respect it if you use code from the script and give credits).

This should help you further.

Good Luck,