Grabbing information from other windows

I apologize if this has been posted already but I have been searching for days on this post and have not found an answer for this question. I am creating an application for a podcasting kiosk in a university auditorium. It is a full-screen application to help make podcasting easier for faculty members by offering them an easy interface to record, broadcast, and burn a DVD of video lectures.

Behind the scenes we are using Wirecast to record and broadcast the video (when we have a live artist lecture). Is there a way to pull the video from the wirecast window and place it as an object in my full screen application? I looked into GUI scripting but have not located anything yet. As easy as Wirecast is, I am creating this full screen application to keep the interface simple (with a couple buttons) so faculty do not have to learn new software.

Thank you for your help,


Does the Wirecast program save its video out to a file first? If you can get the name of the video file then you should be able to link to it, AStudio has a movie object I believe (but I have never worked with it). Maybe then you can make the app build its video object upon starting or upon pressing a button. ??