Grande Unification Apps for Collaboration

Let’s say you have an application that you enjoy, like my current favorite: OpenSCAD, which creates 3D printable model files from code. The thing is, even though it is wonderful fun to use the program, I feel like I’m in a bubble. There is a chatroom and a mailing list that integrates with a forum, so there is communication available. Thing is people don’t really collaborate with this structure. It is widely recognized that collaboration is a missing and much needed element of the 3D printing community in general.

Enter AppleScript!

I’d like to ask you what capabilities does AppleScript have including Remote Applications, Remote Data Access, GUI Scripting, Screenshots and file transfers, and so on that can be stitched together into a functional demo of a GUAC (Grande Unification App for Collaboration). Features such as exchanging files, viewing each other’s screens while we work in collaboration, or pasting code snippets on a shared clipboard. Chat and messaging are welcome also.

I’m not asking for code really except for snippets that deliver such capabilities, I’m looking to create a document designed to propose this concept to others. Any random thought or imagineering input is welcome, thanks.