Grant access in Microsoft Word

What method can be used to open a Word document without having the Grant Access dialog boxes interrupt the flow?
I cannot find any Applescript method in Microsoft Word’s dictionary to circumvent this sandboxing event.
Although Microsoft Word has developed a new VBA GrantAccessToMultipleFiles as Boolean, I can find no Applescript equivalent command.
Although the VBA is boolean, I was wondering if an Applescript could be written to trigger that VBA with the targeted Microsoft Word Document posix path submitted as a variable to Microsoft Word.
I could not find an Applescript method to pass a path variable to VBA and then run that VBA command.
In summary, I think a solution might exist if the following conditions can be performed.

  1. An applescript to run a VBA command
  2. Absent that method, an applescript to submit a variable to the Microsoft Word document path and then to run VBA in the manner of run VB macro macro name

my MW_Open()

on MW_Open()
	tell application "Finder"
		## get Finder's selection as alias, and then as an HFS string
		set target_HFS to first item of (selection as alias list) as string
	end tell
	## get Posix path and then enclose in quotes to avoid conficlts with VBA should spaces be  misinterpreted as delimiters
	set target_PSX_QFO to quoted form of POSIX path of target_HFS
	## call VBA_Grant_Access function noted below
	my VBA_Grant_Access(target_PSX_QFO)
	tell application "Microsoft Word"
		## "pw" is arbitrarily used as  password for the Word document for opening the document and for writing to the document
		set open_document to open file name target_HFS password document "pw" write password "pw"
	end tell
end MW_Open

on VBA_Grant_Access(target_PSX)
	tell application "Microsoft Word"
		## special template "Grant_Access.dotm" is located  in the  UBF8T346G9.Office folder  to avoid sandboxing as the folder is supposedly privileged 
		open "HD:Users:alan:Library:Group Containers:UBF8T346G9.Office:User Content.localized:Templates.localized:Grant_Access.dotm"
		## remove current variable  "FileFullNamePosix"  should it already exist so that another variable can be written as MW does not allow variable to be overwritten
		"FileFullNamePosix" is in name of variables of active document
		if result is true then delete variable "FileFullNamePosix" in active document
		## make new variable with the name "FileFullNamePosix" and a value of the target Word Document Posix Path. 
		make new variable at active document ¬
			with properties {name:"FileFullNamePosix", variable value:target_PSX}
		## run the VB macro whose name is "requestFileAccess" which is in the path called "ThisDocument". I am not sure that this is correct path naming but it was as far as I could fathom, with my limited knowledge of VBA. 
		run VB macro macro name "ThisDocument.requestFileAccess"
	end tell
end VBA_Grant_Access

The VBA in Grant_Access.dotm template reads as follows in this VBA script that I modeled following the example demonstrated at by Microsoft Office Dev Center.

Sub requestFileAccess()

'Declare Variables
Dim fileAccessGranted As Boolean
Dim filePermissionCandidates

'Create an array with file paths for which permissions are needed
filePermissionCandidates = Array(Variables(“FileFullNamePosix”).Value)

'Request Access from User
fileAccessGranted = GrantAccessToMultipleFiles(filePermissionCandidates) 'returns true if access granted, false otherwise

End Sub

Any ideas would be appreciated.