Graphic covering other graphics even though item is sent to back

  1. Graphic Issue

I have one graphic that is used as the background bar in Latest MacScripter Posts app.

Everything works fine in the current version but I have had several requests to make the
windows resizable. (Something I have wanted myself!)

I put everything in a split-view and now the graphic covers the buttons that are on
top of it. I have set each button individually to go to the front and set the larger
graphic to go to back.

It views fine in IB but once built the larger covers the others.

  1. Webview causing issues.

I was able to fix the table from jumping to the top of the top split-view each time
the split-view was collapsed but the webview in the bottom of the split-view is not
working. The size of the webview is correctly being set upon window size being changed
after the collapse but the image itself is higher than the box allows.

This may sound funny so here is an illustration.

Where image ends ------------------

The space between these two lines is not visible.

Top of webview ------------------

The image just disappears at the top of the webview.

Thanks for any help!


I was looking through the NSView class today and came across this which might help you. I saw 2 functions having to do with how things are ordered back to front in a view. This one returns the current order of the subviews:

set theOrder to call method “subviews” of objectMySplitView

And this one lets you set the order although I can’t say off hand how to call it: sortSubviewsUsingFunction:context:

Maybe you can use them to get your first problem solved.