Graphicconverter - Invert negative image

New to this forum so pardon me if I did not find this answered earlier.

I have several folders of images taken by a web camera. Some of the images were saved to disk as negatives. Before I process them into a QT movie, I look at the images in GraphicConverter’s Browser. Any images that are negative, I simply open (double-click) and select Picture / Invert / Normal, then File / Save and File / Close.

I would prefer to be able to select multiple negative images from the Browse Folder window and select a script that would perform that operation on each selected item.

I am not new to scripting, having done some significant visual basic for report processing at work. I just do not know the right syntax to get this to work. I suspect the code might look something like this:

tell application “GraphicConverter”
repeat with in
invert window 1
save window 1
close window 1
end repeat
end tell

I got a basic version of this to run, but am missing the code to take a selection from the Browse window and go thru a Repeat loop correctly. The code I have requires me to open multiple images, and then run the script on each window.

Thanks in advance for any recommendations!

  • Nat