I really need help with scripting this application. Like how do I tell it to automatically scale a group of image files to a certain size and then to change it to gray (256 on the grayscale)? :?

This just an example of what I have:

--Opens the file in GC, changes its appearance, and saves it  in file2
	tell application "GraphicConverter"
		set this_image to open file2
		scale this_image horizontal 0.5
		save this_image in file2
		close this_image
		return true
	end tell
on error error_message
	return false
end try

I know it’s probably not in the right format and stuff :oops: but I just need some ideas on the best way to go about this. Thx a bunch!


Hi Mac-Ker, I don’t own a copy of GC so I can’t help much, but there may be some helpful scripts on the GC web site…

THANKS A BUNCH! :smiley: Hopefully this will help me.


You have to give GC both a horizontal and vertical value when scaling. The following code will scale the image disproportionately to 50% width x 100% height:


Well that seems to work, but I’m really shooting for GC to open my “Pic” file and show all the images at once and then automatically resize them and convert them all to gray. I’d really hate to just open each image manually and then hit the script to convert it to gray and so on. But what you had seems to work. :wink: I was just wondering if it was even possible to even do this.


I have written a shareware application that can do this without displaying the images(faster), and included is a AppleScript droplet that can do what you want. To configure the script all you have to do is double click on it and you will be asked a serious of questions. To use the script you just drop the files on it that you want processed. All for 10 USD.

Please e-mail me for details. yvs at