Groceries List with checkboxes

Hello guys,

I would like to create a workflow in automation that shows a list with different checkboxes but none of them preselected and only the selected ones to be pasted when triggered.

In more details, I would like to open a new Note or TextEdit document, trigger the workflow, select only specific grocery items (my items list will be expanded) and have them pasted in my document.

So far I have created this workflow:

Apple Script:

on run {}
	set theList1 to {“Fruits”, “Veggies”, “—“, “Bread”, “—“, “Milk”}
	return theList1
end run

Action: Choose from List

Action: copy to Clipboard

However the pop-up window is so small and all the checkboxes are preselected and I have to click the “Select None” each time.

So I would like your help:

  1. Can I have the checkboxes unselected by default?
  2. Can I have the window resized? (the list has items with longer strings)
  3. Can I put separators between the lines?
  4. Can I have the text pasted directly after selection, without having to paste the Cmd+V button?

Thank you guys in advance!