GUI scripting in launch daemon script under Mavericks?

I’ve recently stopped using Folder Action Scripts and replaced them with similar scripts that run in the background as launch daemons.

Under Mavericks, these scripts can no longer use GUI Scripting, it seems - unless I misunderstand how to turn on Accessibility for these scripts. I understand that GUI Scripting is now enabled on a per-app basis, so each script or app needs to get Accessibility enabled explicitly by the user, and that OS X prompts the user to go to the Security & Privacy pane to enable this. My guess is either (1) that launch daemons can’t accomplish this because they can’t interact directly with a user or (2) that they can’t be enabled for Accessibility at all. Is either of these correct?

And has anyone figured out how to get a launch daemon script to get Accessibility turned on under Mavericks? I’ll be very grateful for any help.