Hard Project [AppleScript or Xcode?]

Hello MacScripter, this time, as the title promises of the discussion I have in mind a very challenging project with AS, (To be honest I do not believe it can be possible to do so without Xcode) but I have faith in us :wink:

Let me explain what it is …
This is not the usual kind of Apps “Utility”, but a workflow that allows the user depending on the button you press keyboard to generate a sound stored in the database (which I usually have to create it inside the 'app folder “/ Contents / Resources”)

with other words, this application is able to simulate a Kit Drums by input provided from the keyboard.

the project is really difficult, because with codes that I know we can play by making AppleScript only through other applications (such as iTunes), and if I have studied well, I fear that this may not be possible to do with AppleScript.

From what I know you can not open a window from Applescript except those dialog, alert, notification and a folder, so even from the plane of the software architecture is difficult to do (at least to my knowledge that can command buttons response with keyboard commands … but I think this is even impossible …)

If someone manages to find a solution with AppleScript fine… but otherwise, I need a manual to learn Object-C

It all depends on how professional it needs to be. A drum-kit like software can be a simple sound board to an professional drum synthesizer/sampler like UltraBeat in Logic Pro X. To give you an good answer I would like to know your demands. If you want something like UltraBeat then Objective-C isn’t even good enough and you’ll need to develop in C.

For now I assume you want something like a sound board where latency is no problem. Something like a sound board can be developed in AppleScriptObjC. It’s an bridge between AppleScript and Objective-C which enables you to write Cocoa applications, use Objective-C classes and objects all written in AppleScript. However you still need to learn Cocoa and some basics about Objective-C that AppleScriptObjC has inherited from Objective-C. I would suggest to buy Shane’s book about writing AppleScriptObjC. His book can be found on macosxautomation.

thank you for answered at my request, in details i would do something of sperimental… don’t much complicate… just an app that when i run it, it just give me a window with an image of a drums and playable by keyboard… not things many professional… anyway thanks for the book… but i’m not english xD (i’m italian) if u find an e-book i will be grateful :slight_smile:

Ps: i don’t understand the tutoria of html.it so don’t send me that link