hard time inserting a row into a range

I have tried various modifications with no effect, attempting to insert into a range. I get back the error below.
In the error the range in question seems to be a row which is correct - i am trying to insert a row.

How can I tell what Excel is complaining about?

Stuck on this; any help would be much appreciated.

“…range … $A$6:$AA$6" doesn’t understand the insert into range message.” number -1708

P.S. have tried both ways - inside a “tell active sheet of active workbook” block and in tell Excel block.


Model: iMac
Browser: Safari 534.52.7
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.6)


examples from the AppleScript Excel reference

This example inserts a new row before row four on Sheet1.

insert into range row 4 of sheet "Sheet1"

This example inserts new cells at the range A1:C5 on Sheet1 and shifts cells downward.

insert into range range "A1:C5" of sheet "Sheet1" shift shift down