Has this old single selection bug been fixed?

I’m going through a thorough checking, updating and yes, with heavy hart, even culling, of my library of AS scripts and handlers. I found quite a few scripts depending on a selection of one ore more items in the Finder. They all have a workaround a so called single item selection bug. I think it was a Finder bug. It was causing a script to fail intermittently to pick up a single item selection at the 1st try, requiring a 2nd try. The bug was described and two workarounds were given by Christopher Stone. Unfortunately, I can’t find the source any longer but, I found a reference to it by Shane Stanley at #11 in this post. From the two workarounds, I adopted this one:

tell application "SystemUIServer" to activate
tell application "Finder"
   set sel to selection as alias list
end tell

Has this bug been fixed by now? I have ML 10.8.3?
A related question. Is there a public list of known bugs and their status?


I don’t think Apple publicize a bug list concerning AppleScript, but separate issues, should be found at Bugtracker/Radar at Apple. ( You mustgoogle that) I am not even sure if Radar is searchable, if you don’t have the ticket number for that bug.

On the other hand:I think it would be a great idea to start a thread under “The Applescript Unofficial Bugtracker” at this site, containing the peculiarites of Mountain LIon, as far as I know, there are some issues with Apple Mail as well as the problem with selection in Finder.

Luckily it is not that many issues. :slight_smile:

That’s indeed a great idea. What about twisting the admin’s arm? Or, at least to request that the posters attach a ‘bug’ tag every time a bug is mentioned. This site is full of various references to bugs. It would be very useful to have them collected in a searchable thread.


I’m on Snow Leopard, so I just think it is a good idea on a general basis, so I’l leave the arm twisting to you. :wink:

However, why not apply for administratorship yourself, I think you could do a good job organizing such a thread since you have an interest in it. :slight_smile: