Hating Automator, but want to love it...

Hoping someone can help me here. Automator is new to me, but may be able to sort some issues I want to do with my photos (not with iPhoto though, I exclusively use Adobe CS2.) I am trying to do the following:

  1. Get images from folder
  2. Make this first copied batch resize to 300dpi without altering dimensions (have a Photoshop script for this)
  3. SAVE these altered images into folder called 300dpi
  4. Now take these (or the copied images earlier) and make them all 72dpi 1024 pixels longest edge
  5. Add Watermark bottom right of image which is typed in, not a graphic
  6. SAVE these altered images into a folder called 72dpi
  7. Now make a Contact Sheet PDF of all the 72dpi images with the filename under each image
  8. SAVE PDF in 72dpi folder
  9. Burn DVD of all converted images (300dpi + 72dpi and PDF Contact Sheet)

Can ANYONE help with any part of this? At present, I can only make a contact sheet from the PDF choices, but this doesn’t include filenames. One big issue I can’t work out is nowhere in Automator does it mention a SAVE function. I seem to be able to make a Workflow, drop files at the top, drag across an action (ie: add watermark), I click RUN, the green lights show, but the original files are left unchanged, and I can’t find any new files anywhere using Spotlight. Please presume very limited knowledge (you probably guessed that already from my post!)

If this is a difficult job, but can be done in time, am happy to donate (reasonable) amount of money to someone able to fix this. If this is easy, please let me know! Am completely stuck, and feel a bit cheated that Automator won’t work for me straight out of the box.

Am going to be online for an hour or 2 now (am in UK, it’s 21.27pm), and back online in morning. Now there’s a challenge for someone. :wink:

Model: Mac Mini + Powerbook G4 Titanium
AppleScript: Erm
Browser: Firefox 2.0
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.4)