Have any of you managed to Automize Grapher?


I know I can hack calc to plot simple graphs. I recently discovered that I could manually make Grapher read in simple datasets through the GUI. So now I wonder if any of you knows a way around to make Grapher automatically update a graph when the datasets in the ascii files changes. That is, make it happen without the pain of UI Scripting, or just a tiny tiny amout of UI scripting. :slight_smile:


Does clicking “Revert to Saved” do it with Grapher?

I don’t know, right now, I’ll have to try to make a graph that stays the way it was saved. (They come up distorted the next time I start up Grapher. I actually hoped it was a way to pipe something into the grapher executubable, with a command or something. But seeing that it descends from an app named Corvus on the old MacOS, I guess such hopes are futile.

I’ll see if I can make a graph of dataset stay the way they are between runs of Grapher, and then try to revert to saved, one way or another, but I don’t think it will work, but it is worth a try.


By the way.

The calculator trick, was something that worked back in 10.3, the graphing plugin ins’t within the app anymore. (In 10.6, and I hope I have overlooked something.)

So, the next option is to install GNUPlot if this doesn’t work.

Hello. I came by this utility plot v 0.997 which unfortunately hasn’t been updated since 2007.
But it should still do the trick. I haven’t the time to pursue it now, but you can use it from the commandline.

Downloading Plot 0.997

Another solution would be to use Smile, but Smile comes with a rather hefty pricetag for plotting some graphs. I can almost get Mathematica for that amount. :slight_smile: