Have you noticed when using ls -la to view Applescript files ...

Have you noticed when using “ls -la” to view a listing of Applescript files that the filesize was zero but when opened in the info GUI window it indicated a non-zero size?

When you saw the file zero in size from the command line, did you see a ._ version of the script file that was non-zero?

I’m having a problem with trying to run a script (as root) on a server in a cron job via launchd. It fails and the system log doesn’t indicate why it failed. In the process of trying to open the file using the remote desktop as root and opening the script in the GUI, that the file is empty which led to our noticing the issues above.

I’m wondering if anyone might have an idea why the file would indicate a zero byte size but display me the owner the contents but not show root anything when opening the file. Root should be able to see the contents of the file.

Any suggestions are welcome.


I don’t have anything like that.

Depends on whether the script data is stored in the data fork (newer editors) or resource fork (old editors). MacOS knows about resource forks, BSD doesn’t.

Hamish, where do you discover stuff like that?

Whether BSD understands the resource fork shouldn’t be an issue if we’re trying to view the script as root via the Mac GUI and it’s empty, right?

Plus if we’re trying to launch the script via /usr/bin/osascript, I would think osascript would understand the resource fork, right?

I’m working with two different editors: Apple’s Script Editor and Late Night’s Script Debugger 3.

Are there issues with working between editors that I should be aware of, like this resource fork problem?

I just don’t understand why I can view the file contents as my user, but we can’t when accessing the file as root in a GUI environment on the OS 10.4 server.

Oh, one more thing in case it’s an issue. When I move the scripts to the server, I’m using a Samba connection as we have not enabled ftp on the box for security reasons.

Any thoughts.