HELP! Batch process .rtf to .pdf ....

I’m in need of some major help, and not having any idea how to really go about this so I’m shouting out for help.

I have a folder full of about a hundred folders and inside those folders are text files (.rtf), and I want to have a script the will traverse the folders find the text file and convert it to pdf, and then delete the rtf file so all that is left is the pdf file. SO here’s a bit more of an illustration:

these are my files.


AND I need to convert all those folders files to pdf then remove the original rtf file, so what’s left is:


THANKS for the help.

Browser: Safari 412.2.2
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.4)

While browsing through this site’s Automator Actions section yesterday, I noticed an action by Adam Behringer that appears to do exactly what you want. I haven’t tried it myself, but you might like to check it out.

Click here.

not what i’m looking for, thanks for the reply though. I really need something that can traverse files and convert loads of them.


What app are you using to do the conversion?

No app really. I was thinkign of using the same script that is used in the OS (/Library/Scripts/Printing Scripts/ Convert to PDF.scpt) It seems to work fine. Now all I need is to get a script that will run it on all my .rtf files in a certain directory.