HELP copying files to ipod

SO I have a problem and I’m sure other iPod owners have similar concerns.

I have an iMac at home and a PowerMac at the office not to mention the school’s computer labs I’m in all the time. I use my ipod to transfer all my files between all three, but I most often use my iMac at home.

What I’m looking for is a way to keep the master files on my iMac; transfer them to work and school; edit them on the iPod then when I return home upload the changed files to the iMac. THIS way I have a backed up copy at home or a backed up copy on the POD.

MY envisioning was 2 applescripts saved as programs. The first would move (copy) a specific file in my home folder “iPod files” to the iPod (overwriting any old files). I can then take my POD and go to school, work and edit on the iPod. I go home hook up my iPod and…
the second script would move (copy) the files on the iPod to the file in my HOME called “iPod files” over writing the old files.

I figure with the two applescripts saved as applications I can run them from the script menu or put their icons in the dock and just click to upload or download. MAKE SENSE?

HELP! I’ve searched everywhere and no one has written any scripts that are even close.
Even if someone could give me any heads up it’s appreciated.