Help files in HTML format

Hi all.

I trying to apply help-files on to my xCode project.

Ok, i change my question.

How i can integrate help-file in to the xCode project?

Regards, Alex


When I have needed to load some locally stored HTML content in one of my apps, I have just used Safari to save a webarchive of the HTML. Then, after adding a webView to the project, you can load the webarchive into the webView. You’ll need to add the WebKit framework to your project for the webView to function properly.

Hi, i try to write html file to disk and call it from my app:

on helpMenu_(sender)
		set HelpDoc to ((path to resource "myHelp/tojpeg.html") as string)
		tell application "Finder" to open (HelpDoc as alias)
	end helpMenu_

But i have other issue “ after editing html file, application opens old, unedited version…

Than farther into the woods, the thicker the guerrillas… So many problems compared to simple Applescript, no interface is not worth it.

Sometimes you may find that you will need to perform a “clean” before building and running your project for some edits to “take effect.” From the Xcode menu, choose Product>Clean, then build and run your project.

I don’t know much about thick guerrillas deep in the forest, but programming/scripting can definitely be frustrating, and yet, for many it remains a rewarding experience.