Help files' index in ASS ?

Hello all,

I created a help folder which displays fine in my app.

Only problem is, when I click on the help menu, the first page displayed is not index.html (which it should be by default right ?)

Not sure what to do for the index to show up first … any idea ?

Thanks in advance :wink:


try to use the helpbook functionality:
Create a folder on desktop containing all appropriate (html) files.
In Xcode select the resources folder and add the folder with “Add existing files” checking “Copy Items to destination group’s folder”
and (very important) selecting the radio button “Create Folder References.”

Then add these two keys to info.plist

<key>CFBundleHelpBookFolder</key> <string>myApp Help</string> <key>CFBundleHelpBookName</key> <string>myApp Help</string>

Hi StefanK,

That’s exactly what i did, but the first file of the help folder displayed is still not index.html (it’s contact.html)…


Just a quick question : my help file “almost works”.

When I click on the help button, the window opens and the help index gets displayed for a split second and then I get a message saying that I need to be connected to the internet to view the help (???). No matter how many times I retry, I always get that message. And needless to say, I am connected to the net because I’m writing here :wink:

I use a frame (a menu on the left and on page only on the right, with anchors). Could that be the cause?
I doubt it because I’ve seen help menus with frames before that worked fine.

The weird thing is, when I open the help index from the Contents/English.lproj/Help/ folder, it opens fine in my internet browser…

Any clue here ?

Hey all,

I still have this problem: I was thinking instead of trying to fix that (found no solution, the help thing requires an internet connection which is stupid because I am connected to the internet), I would make the help files open in the default browser.
Do you know how I could find the path to the help index contained in the app’s ressources ?

I think there should be something like:

tell application finder
    open location "xx"
end tell 

is that right?

EDIT : Nevermind, just found a way to do that myself

	if (name of theObject is "HELP") then
		tell application "Finder"
			set readmePath to "Contents:Resources:English.lproj:Help:a-index.html"
			open file ((path to me as string) & readmePath)
		end tell
	end if