Help have i gotten myself into a real bad situation?

I have xcode for mac osx. I am using applescript in it. Here is my problem:

  1. I have tutorials made for project builder for osx jaguar and i have panther.
  2. I cannot use some of the functions the tutorials use
  3. i can only use these tutorials.

Is there any way i can get the old project builder or something?

Thanks in advanced,
M4E (macs4eva) :rolleyes:

It’s installed in /Developer/Applications right there with XCode and Interface Builder…

Greetings m4e,
I’m in the same boat you’re in. I have important software other than ASStudio that prohibits me from upgrading to 10.3, so I’m also beginning to feel some version alienation. :wink:

From what I’ve experienced through posts here and also through changes being made at the apple web site, most of the AS studio and applescript distributed with panther are only different on the surface. Functionally, they are equivalent and only have changed to reflect how panther formats applications differently and to add support for new OS features. I’m not even sure if there have been many (if any) bug fixes made to the newest releases. Most of what you can do on jaguar you can still do on panther, but by trial and error you’ll just have to figure out what the differences are and how to get around them. If certain things are not as they are depicted in tutorials not intended for your version, there is most likely a way to do them, they may just be called something else or have been moved to a new location under panther. If you need input as to what can and can’t be done with your version, post your questions here, as there are still some of us “old-schoolers” still using pre-xcode tools. :smiley:

Good luck…

I cant seem to work around the giant gap. I cant even find some of the basic buttons my tutorials tell me. I cant find the old version of project manager in the developer tools either bad luck again. Can you help me in any way?

Perhaps you could better explain the specifics about problems you are having. Like which objects or concepts are giving you trouble, and the exact verbage of what the tutorials are telling you to do. You could post excerpts from your tutorials, or post some links to where we can get them so we can have a better idea of what your doing. If these are mainstream tutorials written in the 10.2 era, most (if not all) of the features your trying to use should be supported regardless of the studio/xcode version you’re using.

Also, there are many knowledgable people here, so if you can tell us what you’re trying to achieve, perhaps we can bypass your tutorials altogether. It sounds like they’re hurting more than helping. :wink:

You’re not going to find an “old” version of project builder (not “project manager”) anywhere on your cd. Whatever you have on your cd is the current version (xcode), and there will not be an outdated version there with it. Whatever you have on your cd should do fine, you just need to learn how it functions, and more importantly how it functions differently from what your tutorials are telling you to do. Xcode has a lot of new features that build upon the older versions of asstudio, so going back to an outdated version seems a but absurd to me.

It’s just a matter of us knowing what specifically your dealing with, so we can tell you where to look for answers.


Dear everyone,

I cant post a section from the tutorials im using since they are movies. Like a guy talks and the movie is of the screen. is the tutorials i am using. In the first lesson he uses the check syntax button. Where’s that?


Yeah, that confused me too. But I believe that Command-K will do the same thing. Wish the button were still there, though.

thanks guys. If i need any more help on where things are ill just ask. Im already on the fourth section of the tutorials

M4E (Macs4eva