HELP: Hybrid CDROM using Flash Projector to open PDF files

I’ve made a standalone Flash Projector CDROM using Toast. I got the PC side working fine to open PDF files with .bat files called from fscommand.
On the Mac side, I’ve decided to use AppleScript to avoid opening the anoying browser window with getURL which worked as expected when tested. The problem comes once the AppleScript is called from the Projector running from the CD. If I test the following scripts on the Disk Image before burning the disk it will work with no problem:


The problem comes once I burn the CDROM, the scripts won’t work. I get the following error:

Does anyone know if there’s a workaround for this issue? Is there also a way to open a new Mail message with the address and subject ready to be sent by the user?

I’d greatly appreciate any help, since I’m new to AS.

Enrique Ulloa

Note: I’m saving the scripts as applications to be called from ActionScript on Flash Projector with:
on(release); {
fscommand(“exec”, “”);