Help! I deleted my menus

Somehow, in Interface Builder, I deleted the standard MainMenu menu set.
And somehow, I’m not able to rebuild them.
I tried copying menus from another app, but all menu items are inactive in that case.
I even started to rebuild my app around working menus, in a new project, but that started a whole ne nightmare. Also, by doing so, I only avoid the problem, rather than understanding what’s going on.
So: my question: how do I build a standard set of menus (App, File, Edit, etc) from scratch?
I will mention your name in the About menu of my app if you help me out
Sjakelien (

After you drag the objects into your menu from the palette, you have to reconnect everything (this is probably why copying from another project leaves everything “inactive”).

For each menu item you need to reconnect, hold the Control key, then click and drag from the menu item to the appropriate item in your nib’s Instances tab; This will most likely be either First Responder or File’s Owner. (Here’s a video of a similar example: Then, in the Target/Action tab of the [Connections] Inspector, you need to reconnect the appropriate action. [A few examples are below. You could also check the connections in a working project.]

Example menu item/connected action:
Undo => undo:
Paste => paste:
Close => performClose:
Quit => terminate:
About => orderFrontStandardAboutPanel:

you just won yourself a credit.
I’ll send you the app when done!