Help, Launching iTunes for a different user


I’ve spent a couple of days trying to find a solution for my problem, I’m hoping there is someone here that will be able to help me…

I have two mac mini’s one called lounge and one called office. Both mac have two users plus guest. The users are Chris and Carly, Chris has admin rights and Carly is a standard user.

The mac in the Lounge has both our iTunes libraries on it for watching TV etc and sending music around the house. The mac is set to login automatically to Chris, but on power up i’d like both user logged in and iTunes started… is this possible?

Next I would like to point the Office mac iTunes to the two libraries on the Lounge Mac (I hope your keeping up)! The problem is that only one copy of iTunes can access the library at a time. I would like to automate with either an apple scrip or automator an icon that will close iTunes on the lounge computer while its open on the office and then restart iTunes in the lounge when its quit… Is this possible? it would mean that if Chris is logged into the office, regardless of who is logged into the Lounge his iTunes would need to close and visa versa for Carly…

I am running Maverics on both macs and they have static ip addresses… for the office and for the lounge…

I really hope that someone will be able to help me as I’m stuck!

I have managed to get as far as closing iTunes on the lounge mac using

tell application "iTunes" of machine "eppc://chris:password@" to quit

and by changing the user name on eppc seems to change which iTunes is closed… But really struggling to open iTunes under the correct user and to log Carly into the lounge at startup…

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Model: Mac mini 2010 / 2012
Browser: Safari 537.71
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.8)