Help me again? :-)

Hello guys! Last time I posted a topic here, you were great, but now I have a new problem, and I hope someone here is able to help me :slight_smile:

When I am to load a bunch of commercials manually into another folder, I receive a list of files with according numbers with various names accordingly.

So, if I receive a list with the following, for example;

12345 - Name 1 - by Author - for Company
81672 - Name 1 - by Author - for Company
18421 - Name 1 - by Author - for Company
12834 - Name 1 - by Author - for Company
12785 - Name 1 - by Author - for Company

And I want to load these files from the folder “Reklamefilmer” into the folder “Commercial 1” or “rek 1” and up to “rek 4” as we often go. Either 3 or 4 bulks of commercial.

Could any of you make a script that recognizes the files in the list, but probably just the numbers, because the names vary a bit from file to list.

Okay, kind of a messy request, but please let me know if this is a possibility at all, and I’ll send you more details :slight_smile:

Which is the test allowing the script to know if a file must go in “Commercial/rek 1” or in “Commercial/rek 4” ?

What is the beginning of the folders pathnames ?

I guess that complete path are something like :

bootVolume/Users/some/folder/Commercial/rek 1"
bootVolume/Users/some/folder/Commercial/rek 4"

Yvan KOENIG (VALLAURIS, France) vendredi 6 juin 2014 23:07:13

Messy is right! How you differentiate certain numbers from others?