Help me! I am beginner!

I wrote a really simple script for starting an installer and quit the installer.
When I start the script, the installer always ask me " Are you want to install the software?" with OK and Cancel buttons. Therefore, the script is not yet automatic installer because I always need to click OK button.
Is there a ascript for automatically choose OK button in the installer?

I am really novice for the script. I am learning it.

Please help me about this.

Thanks in advance.



just comment out the display dialog line with the prompt and the possible following if . end if block

Thanks for the help.
But I don’t understand because the terminology. I am really new for the script.
Did you mean that I need to refer the name of the window and what should I do?

I am sorry.
I don’t understand.

No problem, but without having any code I don’t understand either :wink:

look for a line that reads something like this:

display dialog "Are you want to install the software?"

and change it to something like this:

--display dialog "Are you want to install the software?"

The two hyphens at the beginning change it to a comment it will be ignored when running the script. Of course this could break the script as well, cannot tell without the code.

Maybe you guys misunderstanded what I said.
My script is something like this

Tell application “Vector Installer”
Open application “Vector Installer”
Quit “Vector Installer”

I don’t have the script right now, but it looked like this.

Therefore, my script let other program, Vector Installer" start and quit after istallation.
But the installer display a dialog box to check OK or Cancel.

My question is if there is a script or commands as if I click the button using a mouse.
The displayed dialog box was controlled not by my script but by the “installer”.


Again, what I want to do is “click a button which was provided by other programs” using applescript.
This question might be simpler.


You might be able to do this with GUI scripting, there should be lots of posts with questions and advice on using this.