Help me modify Automator script for Yosemite!

I have a script that has worked on previous OSs, but has recently stopped. I was wondering if someone could help make modifications to the script so it will work on Yosemite please. I’m sort of a newb to this stuff, but this Automator app has been critical in saving me time in the past.

The function/purpose of the script:

I have a folder with many (500+) files in it.

I have a text file with 30+ filenames corresponding to the contents of the folder, each on a new line.


C.jpg etc.

The script is to copy only these 30 files into a new folder.

This is so that I don’t have to manually select and drag them over. Especially handy when I have 200 files to choose from the folder.

From what I can tell, it’s having a problem matching the filenames in the text file to the filenames in the folder.

I have attached a screen grab for those that are uneasy downloading the file.

You can also download the file here:

Thank you in advance!

A good friend of mine wrote a small Ruby program to get this done. Solved.