Help Me!!! Mounting Home Folders at login

I’m trying to get OSX to mount our home folders on the desktop at login.

This is the script I’m working with…

tell application “Finder”
mount volume “cifs://domain;username@server/share”
end tell

of course the values for server is filled in and also the domain.

its the username part that is the problem.

i can easily replace username or /share with the shortname of my account and it will mount my home folder to the desktop, no problem.


i don’t want that value to be filled in with my shortname or anyone’s for that matter. i want the script to fill that value in by itself by determining the Current User (who ever is logged in at the time). in another words: if im logging in as gbush i want gbush’s home folder to mount, but if i log out and log in as dcheney, then dcheney’s home folder mounts.

if i fill in the /share value with a specific folder name, then no matter who is logging in it will try to mount that folder only. i want it to open the folder of the person who is logging in.

what kind of parameter can i enter in place of /share that will replace the share with the shortname of the current user?

i’m probably not explaining the situation in the correct terms, but im sure u can understand what i’m trying to do.


(a tech in distress)

You can try this:

Test it by running it from within Script Editor. If there is an error, the error will be returned along with the name of the server share it tried to mount. Edit accordingly.


i have a script now that works to mount the home folder, however…

i need this script to execute now, no matter who is logging in.

i cant do this using workgroup manager because we are using a program AdmitMac where the users of the domain don’t show up in the list. (we are running these clients on a Windows 2000 network)

i cant do this in preferences>login items because that will only work for that one user and i would have to log in one at a time every single user on the domain. this would take forever plus i would have to do this at about 20 different Macs.

i found something on the internet about editing a file called /library/preferences/loginwindow.plist

i tried pointing the path string to the script i wrote but its not working in the format i put it in there.

it reads something like this:

AutoLaunchedApplicationDictionary hide path /Users/Shared/

does anybody know about this file and what i might be missing to execute this script for all users?

Is this the material that you consulted?