Help needed! Copy and Burn CD in OSX?

I have been trying to do this for hours now and cannot seem to do it.

I want to insert a blank, have an Applescript run, copy some files onto the CD, rename the CD, burn it and eject it. I got the running of Applescript, copying of files and ejecting, but I cannot figure out how to burn the cd.

Any help woud be great.


I was working on a script that may help you. It’s in the Applescript | Mac OS X section…

see “subject: Get File Name (how to)”

Hi Rob, HAS, TLI and Everyone else… I needed the dropped files name so that I could use it as a variable to make the following code work…

on open {anAlias}
	tell application "Finder" to set discName to name of item anAlias --HAS tip to get the dropped file name as a variable
	do shell script "hdiutil unmount "/Volumes/" & discName & """
	get word 1 of result
	set devName to result
	do shell script "hdiutil convert /dev/" & devName & " -format UDTO -o "$HOME/Desktop/" & discName & """
	display dialog "Enter the Amount of Time (in seconds) it Takes to Copy a Disc on Your Machine" default answer ""
	set copyTime to (text returned of result) + 120 -- add two minutes, for prosperities sake!!
	do shell script "sleep " & copyTime
	display dialog "Before Hitting "OK". Eject the Original Disc Named ?" & discName & "? By Hitting the Eject Button on Your Keyboard" buttons {"OK"} default button "OK" giving up after 10
	tell application "Finder"
		display dialog "To Burn a Copy of ?" & discName & "? " & return & "Hit the "OK" Button" default button "OK" giving up after 10
	end tell
	do shell script "cd $HOME/Desktop;hdiutil burn "" & discName & ".dmg" -noverifyburn -noeject"
end open

Many thanks to HAS, Rob, TLI, & everyone else for the hints that had eluded me for hours.
Anyhow, the above Applescript still needs a bit of UI help. The first try allowed the to show the progress, but that was kinda ugly.(Chime in ifin you wish, ideas welcome)

Basically, the above code is designed to make a copy of a CD-Rom that is dropped on the App’s icon. It lacks a few interface elements, but it does work…