Help needed for Compressor Droplet

Hi friends: I’ve found some scripts that works with Compressor Droplets attached to Watch Folder but my problem appears cause I want to take files from a Subfolder and because the files arrives to Watch Folder inside of another folder. So, I’ll preciate some help to do this:

WATCH FOLDER (here will arrive many subfolders with video files inside)
THE SCRIPT MUST: wait until files are completely copied, get the contents from that subfolder, then open them with the Droplet application and save (saving handled by Droplet)
EXTRA: the script must to be ready to listen for more subfolders because could happen (due to I attach this script to Shared Volume) two or three user drop folders at same time or with some seconds delay.

I will really preciatte this help cause I’m newbie on Apple Script and believe me I’m getting crazy on this!!!

Thank you very much in advance!.