Help needed for file copying from server

I have a script in progress which happily logs multiple machines onto a remote server (G4, 10.4), opens the publc folder with folder full of subfolders and displays it on the client machines. Try as I might I cannot, fool that I am, get it to copy to the desktop of the client machine. The duplicate command simply wont work for me. having observed that cut and paste works manually, I worked out how to automate the folder on the clipboard but I cant get it off and onto the local machine. Any help please very welcome. Eventually the script will do all sort of other things, renaming the folder and adding the current date, tidying up, uncluttering the desktop etc.these I think will not present a problem. Client machines are a mixture of 10.3.9 and 10.4 on G4

I’m just guessing - since I can’t see your script - that the dupicate is failing becasue you don’ty have access permissions to the public forlder - at least for writing, whcih is what a duplicate will do.

Try a move statement - or youmay want to try “cp” from within a “do shell script”