Help needed for Journler! (-SyncScript)

i need some enlightments about a particolary script coded by jon stovell, to synchronize Journler databases.
See here:

i’m unable to reach him (or viceversa) and want to deactivate his script. The script itself runs, but continues to run for absurdity, annoying me with dialogs (no connection to the server) also after i disconnect both macs, exactly my laptop from my iMac.
I’ve unload, load, trashed the Journler sync script and the documents created by the same script, then changed my journler-plist; everything without success.
Accepting the “no connection to the server” dialog, gives no results: after a while, the same dialog returns for eternity, until i quit Journler.
There must be another file or modification which connects the finder and/or bin script coupled with Journler to launch this behaviour. I’m helpless and don’t know how to solve this problem, altrough i looked jon’s script.

thanks for any help.:expressionless:

Key issues in Jon’s script is that you must not have both copies of Journler running, the server end of the setup must have a stable Internet connection, and only one copy of the script should be run on a machine NOT designated as server with the machines being synchronized file shared on the machine running the script. Assuming you’re obeying all those rules, what are the dialog messages you’re getting?

i’m not connected all the time with internet, by my own decision. The dialog which i get from Journler/Finder says:

[center]“Connection failed
your server doesn’t exist or isn’t operative in this moment.
Verify your name or the server’s IP-adress and the network connection and try again.”[/center]

I had read Jons advices before trying his script, using my Ethernet-connection to connect both macs. Only quitting Journler, the dialog disappairs.
i couldn’t know that JournlerSync works, even if no connection is established and now i’m unable to deactivate it- what should i do?

i summarize:
-there is no connection between macs/network
-sharing is inactive
-Journlersync/ related files are zipped
-plist of Journler is changed
-Jourler is running

result: Journlersync/ or some hidden file () continues to work, and the connection advice dialog returns and returns…