Help Needed: Quark error - duplicate file name

Hi all,

I’m having a bit of a problem with a script I converted from os9 (using Quark 4) to osX (using Quark 6). The script is designed to take information about locations and put them on a quark page, and match its correct locator map with the info. The problem is when I go to overwrite a file. (each page is set up as a separate document so if my customer says at the last minute that they have a new location or whatnot, that they want in, i can just redo that one page, as oppose to redoing/resupplying the printer with the whole book)

Here’s the part of my script where the job folders are defined:

from here various info is pulled from FileMaker databases and images are placed on a ‘template’ (not a file saved as a template; it’s basically an file with empty boxes).

At the end, all the unused boxes are deleted, and the file is saved:

and then continues on to the next page.

If the page its working on does not exist, it saves and moves on, but if that page DOES exist, I get the following error in AppleScript: “QuarkXPress got an error: Duplicate file name. some object”.

in os9, it saved over the file and moved on. So how can I get it to overwrite the file in osX?