Help needed with indesign CS3: parameters text frame & export PDF

I could use some help with the following:

I need to edit and export a large number (7000) Indesign documents (one page)

  1. check for locked text frames and unlock
  2. group all text frames
  3. set grouped text frames at x=8 millimeters, y 10 milimeters
  4. export the documents to PDF in a subfolder called “Out”
  5. save and close the documents in the same subfolder as an Indesign CS3 document (orig is CS2)

This is what I’ve been trying soo far:
Now only checking one text frame - should be all text frames
“close document 1 saving yes” doesn’t work because the originals are from CS2
I get a PDF called “Adobe Indesign SC3”

set processFolder to choose folder with prompt "Choose a folder that contains Innd Docs to process"
tell application "Finder"
	if not (exists folder "OUT" of processFolder) then
		make new folder at processFolder with properties {name:"OUT"}
	end if
	set the destination_folder to folder "OUT" of processFolder as alias
end tell

tell application "Finder"
		set listFiles to (files of contents of processFolder) as alias list
	on error
		set listFiles to (files of contents of processFolder) as alias as list
	end try
	repeat with thisFile in listFiles
		tell application "Adobe InDesign CS3"
			with timeout of 120 seconds
				set properties of view preferences to {horizontal measurement units:millimeters, vertical measurement units:millimeters, ruler origin:page origin}
				open thisFile
				set myDoc to document 1
				set docName to name
				tell myDoc
					set transform reference point of layout window 1 to top left anchor
					set myBox to text frame 1 of page 1
					set properties of myBox to {locked:false}
					move myBox to {8, 10}
				end tell
				export document 1 format PDF type to (destination_folder as string) & docName & ".pdf" using PDF export preset "[Drukwerkkwaliteit]" without showing options
				close document 1 saving yes
				tell application "Finder" to move thisFile to destination_folder with replacing
			end timeout
		end tell
	end repeat
end tell

Any help is greatly appreciated - Doing this manually is a lot of work!!!