help needed with renaming and attach files to outgoing mail

I’m trying to create an applescript for the following issue:

What I have done:
I have a long list 400+ personalized letters that I need to send out to a ‘few’ people. I did a mail merge in word to print to a virtual printer which then saved each ‘form’ as a separate pdf file.

Problem 1:
The problem is I would like to rename each file from a list that I would create in excel.

Problem 2:
I then want to attach the pdf file to individual e-mails that have been created and are waiting in my “Entourage” outbox.

I would certainly be indebted to anyone who can help me out on this one.

Problem 1 solved thanks to StefanK

With new file name in first column and HFS(!) File path in 2nd column.
HFS(!) being Macintosh HD:Users:Yournameesktop:FolderName:File

set excelFile to choose file with prompt “Choose the Excel file” of type {“XLS6”, “XLS7”, “XLS8”}
tell application “Microsoft Excel”
open excelFile
set P to value of used range of active sheet
end tell
repeat with i in P
tell application “Finder” to set name of file (item 2 of i) to item 1 of i
end repeat

anyone for Problem 2?