Help needed with shell script

Can anyone help me create a shell script that deletes printers?
I have several rooms full of macs with two or three printers being shared out
not all the macs in the rooms have all the printers installed.
I need a script that will take a list of printers and delete them, but leave behind a printer called “Adobe PDF 7.0”

I intend to use this script at login in order to force the user to remap the printers using an applescript i have wrote which links to a print credit system.

I can create an apple script to do this but the user does not have enough priveleges to delete printer, I have tryed all the “with administrators priveleges” and all that but the restrictions we have on our end users prevents all of these types of script.

Im really not that good with .sh scripts thats why I am asking for help.

I think I need a script that runs like this:
#!/bin/tcsh -f

if exists printerA
lpadmin -x printerA
else nothing
end if

if exists printerB
lpadmin -x printerB
else nothing
end if

if exists ‘Adobe PDF 7.0’
do nothing
end if

exit 0

Can anyone help me with this??

Thanks in advance