HELP! New default Printing Workflows in Tiger have me baffled!!!

Hello, I was on my way to learning how to write scripts to batch:

  1. Create pdf’s from Freehand files
  2. Attach those pdf’s to email messages
    when I realized today that within freehand and all other applications, in the print dialog boxes, there is an “pdf” button in the lower left corner that gives all kinds of lovely pdf options, one being “mail pdf”. I thought that solved my problem, but it defaults to attaching the pdf in a Mac Mail email message. I want it to attach it in a Lotus Notes email message, as work won’t allow me to use Mail. I changed my default mail client to Lotus, but that didn’t do a thing.

I assume this is a scripting issue, but have no idea where or how to fix this.

Please Help!
Thanks in advance!!!

Anybody have an answer for me yet??

Try here:


Whatever Apple did with Automator, that Applescript mechanism now seems broken as my scripts do not trigger anymore (i.e. the “on open these_items” - handler does not get called).
Application aliases from my favorite mail app do still work.