Help on a simple AppleScript

Hello all,
I am brand new to AppleScripting, but I don’t have the time to dedicate right now to actually learning the language - I just need to get one script done. Here is what it needs to do:

  1. Once the program is launched, a 16 second audio clip will play.
  2. All currently running programs will be forced to quit with no save options.
  3. The computer will be shut down.
    Seeing as I have literally never scripted before, what do you think the best way of going about this is?

pretty simple, but my train is pulling into station in 2 minutes so can’t write it for you at the moment.

My question though Mr. First-Time-Poster is whats the script for? I’m assuming a gag on someone? Else why would you not allow them to save their open docs? :frowning:

This is actually for my own personal use - I may run it remotely for shut down (via ARD) or I may just click it an enjoy the audio. But, no, it’s not for sabotaging anyone else :slight_smile: